keep calm and fangirl on (aikurage) wrote,
keep calm and fangirl on

zhou mi eats rainbows to taste skittles.

for #believeinzhoumi
It makes more sense if you kind of read it out loud in your head idk.

there once was a fly mofo named zhou mi,
in sm entertainment he was a trainee.
one fine day he met kui xian
they had hot leggy sex and the next day they were boyfranz.
but some jealous haters and their fatty lovehandles
hacked zhou mi's weibo and created a scandal
and poor zhou mi was truly dismayed
by the intensity of the hate displayed.
but zhou mi's legion of devoted mitang
refused to let the situation hang.
so the mitang took it to twitter
where they made a hashtag worthy of zhou mi's glitter.
so #believeinzhoumi, for eight minutes, became a topic trended;
for the mitang and zhou mi all was simply splendid.
zhou mi once again became mr. chic;
kui xian went back to ravaging his physique.
zhou mi returned to weibo and posted a photo:
fangirls fainted to see qmi, basking in their afterglow.
the end.

Tags: !spazz, &cpop, super junior m, zhou mi
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